May 29 2018
07:01 am

In an op-ed article at the NYT....

In Tennessee, the current administration earmarked $25 million (TN Together) for treatment to address the opioid crisis. According to state estimates, TN Together will treat 6,000 to 10,000 addicted Tennesseans, while the number of Tennesseans who actually abused opioids in 2016 was 317,647. And approximately 82,000 of them were already addicted.

The Tennessee General Assembly failed to expand Medicaid in the state through a federally approved, budget-neutral compromise to the Affordable Care Act. In keeping with a long tradition of defying common sense, statehouse legislators said no. If they had said yes, Tennessee would likely be enjoying addiction news similar to Kentucky’s: “After expanding Medicaid,” notes the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, “Kentucky experienced a 700 percent increase in Medicaid beneficiaries using substance-use treatment services.” That number coincides with a 90 percent drop in overdose hospitalizations of uninsured Kentuckians.

Thanks again to our state legislatures for their lack of caring and lack of common sense. Besides the opioid problem, the state would be much better off on a lot of other health care issues if they had adopted Medicaid expansion. But, hey, who needs over $10 billion in federal funding to help out low income citizens? States rights! States rights!

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Vote 'em out!

There are lots of reasons why the Republican supermajority is an affront to decency. This is one of them.

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