May 2 2019
07:00 pm

So apparently the TNGOP is trying to vote for Medicaid/Tenncare block grants, Democrats tried to stage a walkout, and Speaker Casada ordered armed state troopers to block the exits in order to maintain a quorum. What the actual ....?

UPDATE: Wait. Democrats are now locked OUT? Chaos!

UPDATE: Gloria Johnson: "So I am back on the House floor, first time I have ever sat here and actually been afraid for my safety. This admin is out of control. We have moved beyond “drunk on power.”"

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How is that even remotely

How is that even remotely legal?

Speaker Casada ordered armed state troopers to block the exits in order to maintain a quorum

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Oh my dear good lord.

Oh my dear good lord.

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Johnson really should get an

Johnson really should get an Oscar for some of her hysterics lately.

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Hat trick!

Let's see:

Content-free post - CHECK
Punching down at the minority - CHECK
Misogyny ("hysterics") - CHECK

Thanks, James!

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Thank you Gloria

Thank you for persevering and trying to represent the people who voted for you while being ignored and then threatened by the Republican majority. Our state government is not representative of the majority of people in Tennessee and the antics this year are reprehensible. If people paid attention and understood basic democracy, they would vote out the idiots.

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Wouldn't this be considered

Wouldn't this be considered False Imprisonment which could be considered a felony?

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As I recall, there are provisions in the constitution for avoiding criminal prosecution for this kind of stuff. Clearly I need to get a copy of the Tennessee constitution and brush up on our states rules.

Gloria, are representatives still allowed to supply blue books?

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at the risk of violating godwin's law: more than almost any politician i can think of, cascada's appearance, voice and manner remind me of a moff in the galactic empire. cartoonishly evil

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