Jan 10 2013
11:55 am

Tom Humphrey has a press release and the list of committee assignments.

Gloria Johnson will sit on the Agricultural and Natural Resources committee and the Health committee and subcommittee. She is curiously missing from the Education committee.

(Dunn, who introduced the bill allowing creationism to be taught in public schools, is still on the education committee.)

UPDATE: Tom Humphrey now has the Senate assignments press release and full list. Campfield is on the Senate Education committee?

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Woe is we...

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I would think Rep Johnson

I would think Rep Johnson might have a fundamental conflict of interest being a teacher and serving on the Education Committee.

She has been vocal about spec ed taking the Praxis tests and how it might affect their qualifications. Being a spec ed teacher herself and focusing on this issue seems self-serving and a possible conflict. Was the issue at the top of the voters' priorities list in November? Don't think so.

As far as Campfield, if he wins the primary in 2014, I believe you might see a Democrat take that seat in the general election.

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Axiomatic, no?

Yes, we wouldn't want anyone with expertise or experience in education to actually serve on the education committee. It is far better to have ignorant ideologues formulate policy from their gut. Just common sense really...

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Top of the priorities?

Yes. I voted for Gloria for her expertise in education. I am disappointed she was not put on that committee.

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