Consider this. There are 70 Republicans, 28 Democrats, and 1 Independent. For those keeping score, this means the allowable number of bills by party will be:

• Republicans: 1,050
• Democrats: 420
• Independent: 15

Can you see where this is going? Not that it matters. The TNGOP Supermajority can just fax it in.

LeftWingCracker's picture

I am not sure I can go with that.

There is just as big a war in the GOP between the Old Guard and the crackpots, and I think this is Harwell trying to keep the wackjobs under control. We were only going to have as much influence as they ALLOWED us to have under these circumstances, any way.

Just my .02.

rht's picture


The Tennessean likes the limit as a crackdown on crackpots

Tamara Shepherd's picture

Here's one didn't get the memo...

I'm inclined to agree with you as to just who Harwell would like to limit, LWC.

Check out this skinhead (Senator Jim Summerville):

SB0006: Lottery, Scholarships and Programs - As introduced, requires students seeking Tennessee HOPE scholarships, Tennessee HOPE access grants and Tennessee HOPE scholarships for nontraditional students to pass the U.S. citizenship and immigration service's naturalization tests on English and civics to be eligible for the scholarship or grant.

SB0007: State Government - As introduced, prohibits state government entities from compiling and keeping statistics and data by race, gender or ethnicity unless specifically required by federal law or court order; requires state government entities to identify all laws that contravene this prohibition and to propose legislation to eliminate such laws.

SB0008: Education, Higher - As introduced, enacts the "Higher Education Equality Act" to prevent institutions of higher education from granting preferences based on race, gender or ethnicity to students, employees or contractors.

SB0042: Public Contracts - As introduced, enacts the "Tennessee Civil Rights Initiative Act" (which must surely employ the term "civil rights" in an oxymoronic manner???)

SB0043: Education, Higher - As introduced, prohibits state funded scholarships, grants, loans or other financial aid from being awarded to students at public institutions of higher education based on race, ethnicity or gender.

SB0046: Education, Higher - As introduced, prohibits public institutions of higher education from employing or assigning the duties of a diversity officer.

An' he's a-gonna elect the school superintendent and abolish the Hall Tax, too.

Thirteen bills and countin.

(EDIT: Or is this proposal expected to arise in the Senate, too???)

Pam Strickland's picture

Well, I'd seen the

Well, I'd seen the we-don't-want-no-diversity bill, but the rest of those are much more impressive, er, depressing.

rht's picture


my gut feel is the limit might be challenged on some constitutional basis. But not sure precisely what

R. Neal's picture

Was wondering the same thing.

Was wondering the same thing. 1st Amendment and all that. Especially as it applies to representatives of the people, who otherwise have little or no voice in state government except occasionally at the polls.

Andy Axel's picture

So a Democratic legislator in

So a Democratic legislator in Davidson or Shelby County has the same legislative load as a Republican legislator in Rhea County or Pickett County. Got it.

R. Neal's picture

Maybe the can work out a cap

Maybe they can work out a cap and trade.

rht's picture

TN House not alone in limiting # of bills

according to (link...) various legislatures, including TN Senate, also limit the # of bills.

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