Rep. Rep. John J. DeBerry (D-Memphis) has filed HB77 which "permits parents of 51 percent of the students attending a public school in the bottom 20 percent of public schools academically to petition for conversion of the school to a charter school..."

Note: State law already allows conversion with 60% of parents or teachers signing a petition.

LeftWingCracker's picture

I guess all that "reformer" money was well spent

You know that in his primary race against Jeanne Richardson, the "reform" movement spent $113K on a STATE HOUSE race. They were buying time on WMC-TV during the freaking OLYMPICS.

They are getting their money's worth, aren't they? What amazes me is that I have known John for years and thought him above reproach with regards to integrity. Shows you what I know.

Min's picture

I've been watching closely for two years...

And I can tell you that Deberry has not shown himself to be a friend to public education in that time.

Stick's picture

A parent trigger law straight

A parent trigger law straight from ALEC no doubt. A whole butt load of money poured into state elections from outside groups all the way down to school board elections in Davidson county. They're getting exactly what they payed for...

Tamara Shepherd's picture


Actually, LWC, that $113,000 to DeBerry was JUST from Michelle Rhee's StudentsFirst and JUST through the third quarter.

We don't yet know what other "reform" organizations gave him $$$ and we don't yet know what additional $$$ Rhee may have given him during the fourth quarter.

Suppose DeBerry will also sponsor the bill to create a statewide charter school authorizer and/or his own brand of private school vouchers?

He'll have to work for that level of contributions!

Previously: Rhee purchases TN House and Senate Education Committees

William Robb's picture

a perfect villain

Michelle Rhee puts some of Shakespeare's villains to shame. Hamlet might have been thinking of her: " That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain!" Her Baltimore and DCPS "miracles", upon investigation, were frauds. She and her fellow "reformers"- Gates,Broad,Intel,KochBros,CapellaU, Phoenix,Walmart-- are PROFITEERS.

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New parent group in Nashville needs support

Standing Together 4 Strong Community Schools is a Nashville based parent group challenging the corporate edu-reforms the lege and Huffman are shoving down our collective throats.

Check them out and support with a 'Like' (link...)

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