Jun 10 2012
06:35 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Local media has politely laid off the Knox Co. mayor's divorce. His soon-to-be-ex, not so much. (See also this and this.)

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All i can say is...


This beats anything going on in the Memphis political circus arena.


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TMI Indeed

My advise: don't twitter, etc. when getting divorced. Write down your thoughts in a private journal. Private matter not public.

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She wants it public. It's a

She wants it public. It's a tactic.

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She feels wronged and is lashing out. Not sure what the tactic is, but it doesn't reflect very well on her to be dragging this into the public eye with printed remarks directly attributable to her.

A better tactic is to drop a few choice nuggets during conversation with people you know to be gossips. :)

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Elected Officials

My concerns are whether our elected officials are honest and acting with integrity and doing their jobs well. I do not care about their personal lives. However, I do think about public reaction if the real facts in the situation were known. I hope the facts stay private. That would be best for them and our community. I hope the media continues to lay off the details.

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Those exchanges are w/

Those exchanges are w/ members of the media. Not exactly in good taste on their part. He is giving a different address at public meetings when he speaks.

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Of the three posted, ONE was

Of the three posted, ONE was in exchange with a member of the media - Saul Young. That was stupid on Saul's part.

The other was a blind tweet on her own and the third was her responding to a tweet by the mayor.

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Well, one is the mayor

Well, one is the mayor retweeting a media person who is apparently commenting about finding the mayor at a bar. The man doesn't drink--so I'm told--why is he at a bar? It does seem in poor taste for a media person to tweet about him being at a bar. Just seems like getting into his private life, which isn't something that is really any of our business.

I've noticed that some people treat twitter like a private conversation. It's not, everybody reads it. So it makes no since to put your private biz out there.

Unless you have an agenda.

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Pam, if you'd looked at the

Pam, if you'd looked at the Twitpic, you'd have seen what she was talking about was finding a Burchett sticker in the Back Door Tavern restroom right under a sign urging drunks to get a designated driver -- not Burchett himself.

And, actually, he is a locally famous teetotaler who DOES frequent the Back Door. Or used to, anyhow. The owners are friends of his and he goes there to socialize. Not exactly scandalous.

And as far as the address goes, why is it noteworthy that someone who is getting a divorce has moved?

I disagree with Burchett a lot about politics, but this is just making shit up.

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I confess to not looking at

I confess to not looking at the pic. I found the whole thing odd, and it was late and I was very tired on Saturday when I made the original post. I should have kept quiet, and probably would had except for Saul's post. And I conflated the two w/o a full investigation of the first. But if it's so well known for him to spend time there and be friends then why would any body tweet the bumper sticker? Whatever. My apologizes.

I was only making an observation about the different address. She could be the one who moved. Or, as some couples do, they could contine to share the same address until the divorce is final.

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I was making a quip on the

I was making a quip on the new address because they used to live near me. I didn't pursue that twitter conversation much longer after realizing how sensitive of a subject it was. Well, I did say something about leaving things in trash bags on a curb, but that was more about what happened to me.

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Burchett divorce

The media has reported the facts, such as court filings. They have ignored mudslinging and Inapplaud them for doing so.

I hope they can settle soon and both move on.

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Social Media

Since I no longer do facebook and never twittered I'm clearly out of this loop. I think being a social outcast can be a good thing.

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In this case, yes.

I found her comments pretty ugly. In the long run, she may be doing Tim a great favor.

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mayor or not

pissed off as she might be she should keep it private

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Boy this thread is going to

Boy this thread is going to live forever for all the pious agreein' that this just isn't news and Ms. Burchett just needs to move on. I keep reading, "Anybody got any MORE scoop?" b/w the lines. It's like Mayberry up in here.

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public figures private lies

Bitter? You better believe it. You would be too if this had happened to you. But I pray it never does-I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy. . .Mudslinging? Not even close. I state the truth, nothing more. No tactics,Betty, just a whole lot of hurt that seeps out sometimes more than others...I'd been the good wife smiling dutifully by his side for as long as I could. Through Charlie, through Nashville, through the campaign, through the election, through our foster child, through the budget, through his mom....I held it together and smiled through the pain, but I couldn't do it anymore, not after THAT.

We elect our leaders to make choices based on good judgement and integrity-when they don't do that in their private lives, why do we expect any different in office?

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