Dec 1 2020
09:33 am

While at Clancy's/Spex the other day, I asked about a product to keep my glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask. They were out of the product. But, he said he read about using dish soap. Put a little tiny dot on the inside of the lens (no water), wipe over the lens, wipe off with a tissue.

Works great! I can now walk the pup and see where I am going without having to wipe my glasses every few steps.

NPR has the same tip and a few more. They recommend Dawn dish soap (what I used) without any additives for sensitive skin or lotion.

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When I used to scuba dive, we

When I used to scuba dive, we used to use spit to keep our masks from fogging up.

Just a suggestion for if you find yourself out somewhere with no other option.

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Heh. The Mister said the same

Heh. The Mister said the same thing.

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I'd be careful about which

I'd be careful about which soap you use. Some have degreasers which can erode coatings on your lenses. My spouse used an antibacterial hand soap for a few months until she noticed the coatings coming off. The optician said it was the soap.

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I think I better clarify

I think I better clarify something for your viewers. I meant, we used to spit into the scuba masks, not the covid masks. I don't think spitting into the covid mask would rectify the issue.

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