Nov 4 2020
06:25 am
By: BoB W.

"Here's how long states have to count votes, according to federal law."
(and CNN)


They say that in a series of unlikely events, that the "...president would likely be Nancy Pelosi if she resigned from Congress."

Admittedly that was taken out of context, so to be clear, one would have to read the whole article.

bizgrrl's picture

Alas, it's not looking good

Alas, it's not looking good for Biden and the country. We can still hope, but...

Perry Aubric's picture

Actually, it looks great for Biden

Biden has won Arizona and Wisconsin, is leading in Michigan and Nevada, which puts him at 270, which makes him President.

bizgrrl's picture

Looks a lot better now than

Looks a lot better now than it did at 7am.

Celestial Dung's picture

I'm hopeful but nervous.

I'm hopeful but nervous. Pennsylvania has me jittery..

JaHu's picture

Let me see if I have this

Let me see if I have this straight? Republicans in the south are all for the electoral system because they don't want large metropolitan areas to control how they live. Right? So they choose a president born and raised in New York City who has had a rich lifestyle given to him and has never experienced being poor or even the lifestyle of a person born into a middle income family. Yet... They think he will represents them
Am I missing something here???

Perry Aubric's picture

What you're missing...

JaHu, all you're missing is the top two motivations for Republicans in the South: They are racists, pure and simple (as is Trump), and they are religious bigots who want to discriminate against gays in the name of "freedom of religion" and they want to dictate to women how they should live their lives (in the name of "pro-life," even though they totally despise non-white children (as does Trump). Of course, Trump has no religion whatsoever, but he panders to these idiots while quoting to them from "Two Corinthians."

JaHu's picture

I was aware of all of that. I

I was aware of all of that. I just wanted to bring up the ironic part. But good point and it needed to be said.

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Has anyone seen what's

Has anyone seen what's happening outside of the Arizona vote counting station? There are trump protesters with guns out in the parking lot. This could cause the vote counters to not count some of Biden's votes for fear of their lives. This makes me so damn angry.

This should be a federal crime for trying to interfere with the vote tally of a presidential election.

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I was listening to a live report about that on the radio,

Have the terrorists busted through the glass....yet?

If ordinary citizens don't learn to stand up and hold their elected officials accountable for keeping order, this stuff will get out of control. Glenn Jacobs encourages his followers to do stuff like this.

It's going to get out of hand and the same people egging it on will deny culpability. Just watch and see.

I saw Jacobs posted another shooting video on twitter the other day. But it wasn't a message to his cult. Nod. Nod. Wink. Wink.

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In my book this is worse than

In my book this is worse than voter intimidation. This could affect the tallying of thousands of votes and not just a few people going to the polls. I am so disappointed that half of this country would support the man behind this. It threatens the whole fabric of our democracy and not just for the Democratic party. The Republican party has convinced the people who voted for Trump that it's the Democrats who's hurting our democracy that they need to do whatever they can to stop these evil Democrats. Do you see democrats doing crazy stuff like this? I've yet to see it! People need to use common sense and really question who's to gain from these threats? And how will this affect our democracy going forward? It's not a pretty picture that's being painted for our future.

These are volunteers just counting votes and doing their part to help in the election process. They are not choosing sides, they are only counting. And these goons are trying to interfere.

If Trump ends up taking Arizona, I think there needs to be a congressional investigation to determine if these pollsters felt threatened if they counted Biden's votes. So they either didn't count them or gave the votes to Trump.

I seriously can't see mail in ballots going to Trump.

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Self fulfilling prophecy.

Republicans have been saying there will be riots in the street over the election for weeks. Then the election rolls around and they riot. Don't these people have lives? The very fact that they're motivayed and willing to do this says more about Trumps dystopian style of governance than anything.

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