Mar 3 2020
04:53 pm

Who's going to get the most delegates in the Democratic primaries? Should be interesting...

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Biden if he cracks 15% in

Biden if he cracks 15% in California. Bernie if otherwise.

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So far it appears Biden wins

So far it appears Biden wins 9 states and Sanders wins 3 in the Super Tuesday primaries. As of now Sanders is winning California but not by a huge amount, 32.7% Sanders and 23.7% Biden. There are 415 delegates available in California.

NBC National Results and Map

Biden has 449 delegates
Sanders has 371 delegates
Warren has 39 delegates
Bloomberg has 18 delegates

It's a very close race.

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Jeff Sessions is in a hotly

Jeff Sessions is in a hotly contested race for his old senate seat. He is facing a runoff against Tommy Tuberville, the former Auburn University football coach.


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Elizabeth Warren loses her

Elizabeth Warren loses her home state of Massachusetts. She started out her campaign on the rise but them something happened.

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Does anyone know how delegates will be allocated in the 2nd district? Numbers appear to be by county. Will Biden get 2 or 3 delegates? Or am I missing something completely?

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I never understood it, and I

I never understood it, and I think they changed it. Here's the current calculation...


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Looks like

2 delegates for Biden and 2 for Bernie in Knox County. I'm thinking probably 3 Biden and 1 Bernie in district?

The big winner could turn out to be Hoyos. I don't think that Burchett's support of price gouging of coronavirus tests, treatments, vaccines and supplies and his being supportive and complicit with the president's criminal behavior is going to play well going into fall. Once the grandparents start dying of this disease, somebody is going to be blamed.

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Tim has been heavily involved in stalling this funding for a week now. Science says there is a chance he's involved with the killing by delay of treatment with his constituents. There will be hell to pay if this virus hits East Tennessee hard.

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