Oct 11 2007
06:57 pm

There's an old saw in politics - "When your opponent is drowning, you throw the sumbitch an anchor."

Fred Thompson just can't wait around for that to happen to him, so instead, he's throwing himself one: George "Macaca" Allen is now on board.

Thompson spokeswoman Karen Hanretty said Allen was "greatly respected by the conservative base" despite his macaca reference in 2006 to a volunteer of Indian ancestry for rival Jim Webb (D-Va.), who went on to win the race.

The GOP base remain unperturbed by presumed presidential timber hurling racist epithets right to someone's face (and camera) during a campaign?

I'm shocked. Shocked.

Anyway, bravo. Brilliant. Kudos. A for effort. Keep making decisions like this one, Fred. This is the sort of leadership that the GOP needs.

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I guess if Hillary can have

I guess if Hillary can have Sandy Berger as an advisor...

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It's all he has. Bless his

It's all he has. Bless his heart.


"Respect mah authoritah!" - Fred Cartman Thompson

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Heard this Hanretty person

Heard this Hanretty person on XM's POTUS 08 channel gushing over her candidate, and she mentioned this. She actually said that George Allen will help Thompson with "values voters", and "in the South".

She also said Thompson has "stature" and a "deep voice" and a "commanding presence" and that he's "tall". (No, seriously, she said he's tall.)

This will apparently differentiate him from candidates who are slick (Romney) and, I believe she said, who are "fast talkers" like Giuliani. I swear I thought she was going to say "who wear dresses."

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This isn't a mistake

Thompson is using Macacca Boy as a symbol to say, covertly, that he shares Allen's racism. Us lefty and liberal types will be offended, and the mainstream media will be nonplussed, but the hardcore racist southerners who constitute the GOP base will get the message. It's like Reagan opening his 1980 presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, a town known only for the murder of three civil rights workers in 1964 (subject of the movie Mississippi Burning). It's a way of appealing to southern racists without saying "nigger."

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Damn, if they think that is

Damn, if they think that is covert they really are trying to roll the clock back.



It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.
  - William G. McAdoo

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