Mar 7 2006
08:22 am

One councilman in Nashville wants to use surveillance cameras to catch people "in illicit sex acts."

Nashville is proposing to expand its use of surveillance cameras to
fight crime by installing them in some city parks to catch people in
illicit sex acts.

A councilman who is pushing the idea said the sexual activity in some parks has prompted many complaints from the public.

Is this park having problems with women being sexually assaulted or is this a case of horny young people going behind the bushes in a consensual act, or what?

City officials said about 300 citations for indecent exposure were issued in city parks last year.

Councilman Michael Craddock has been pushing for the cameras in
Cedar Hill Park, where one of his constituents said she and her young
son saw a man masturbating.

Police who have worked undercover operations in the park say such problems aren't that unusual.

"It's almost implied that if you are a male and you're in that area, that's what you're there for," Sgt. Steve Brady said.

The problem is Masturbation! 

Here's an idea.  Provide newspaper or something for men to cover themselves with, so some sexually repressed people won't be horrified at the wanton waste of sperm by masturbating.

LCleavelin's picture

Something tells me that the

Something tells me that the sexual activity they're most concerned about suppressing is either exhibitionists (that's what the buy masturbating in front of the woman and her son is), gay men meeting in the park for anonymous encounters, or both.

CE Petro's picture

It Happens

I agree with you...I don't think it's limited to people that masterbate, otherwise they'd be calling for surveillance cameras in almost every public place imaginable. Seriously, how many times have you been at the movies and finally figured out the dude behind you was doing a "Peewee Herman"? Or how about a restaurant?

I don't know this park that is being targeted. But there is definately much more behind this request.

R. Neal's picture

Geez, I don't know where you

Geez, I don't know where you hang out, but, uh, never? Heh.

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great idea, all for it and

great idea, all for it and you should be to !. take your wife,kids and friends to I C King park,alcoa hwy. plan a nice walk or mountain bike trip thru the trails, or take pictures of scenery. as you enter the trail near the waters edge begin to count the doo doo napkins and condom wrappers, make sure you make noise as you walk (or run) so as not to walk up on young and old grandfatherly type men in the woods engageing in homosexual acts.what a pleasant and free (tax payer paid) experience,think of all the rewards, kids learn to count better, mother nature at its best?, spice up the old mom/dad flame?, and we can all "just get along"?, I am sorry city and county parks are not there for this purpose and if cameras stop or curb this activity, great ,support it,and ask,no demand it ! and those who dont feel like its a big thing or its not right (cameras), well take your children there and hand out hand sanatizer and teach your children its ok,,god loves everybody and this open display of affection is ok and should be endorsed by city and county leaders,I am sorry but what you do at home is your business, in publi areas we all need to do the right thing and behave.,,,,,,,,,,,   cameras and cops,we need more of both, NOW

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