Sep 28 2007
09:10 am

Where in the hell was Fred Thompson last night?? I know where he wasn't Tavis Smiley's All-American Republican debate @ Morgan State. The debate centered on concerns of black Americans.

I can not believe that a former senator from Tennessee did not go to this debate.

Thats right. I did not say Republican senator.

I said Tennessee senator. Its a disgrace, for our state, Fred Thompson did not attend this debate.

The Republicans, in this county, supporting Thompson can spin it all you want but, by God, there is no excuse for him not have been there last night.

In the 1st District... this is flyer I'm going to put up if No Show Fred wins the nomination.

Fred didnt show up for You
Dont show up for Him
Let's shut him out.


Winghunter's picture

The disgrace is all yours

The disgrace is all yours Billy.

Speaking in front of closed-minded and even brainwashed groups whose sole intent is to ridicule those they extend the offer to speak is not very smart. Check all previous elections.

They then have people like you to feign indignation in the attempt to prove what never existed in the first place.

Once you, Billy, stop teaching people to hate, racism will stop but, until then...

R. Neal's picture

Well, if Freddie can't

Well, if Freddie can't handle that maybe he's not up to handling the job of being President of the United States. I hear it's a pretty tough job. A lot tougher than walking on the set for five minutes every week or so and reading a few lines.

Brian A.'s picture

Does he care about fundraising?

Uh oh.

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

bill young's picture

My Final Answer

Winghunter,you have a right to your opinion,& when I make such a strongly worded post..I expect a strongly worded rebuttle.

Let me assure you this is not feigned is real.
To me Thompson not showing up put him out of public favor & indeed is a disgrace.

Futhermore,I would not characterize those @ the All-American Republican debate as "closed minded & brainwashed".I also would not use your words in any kind of political flyer because I do not think they reflect the position of Knox County Republicans supporting Fred Thompson.

Wingnut,if you believe what I've said is teaching people to hate.Thats fine,it's your opinion & you have a right to to it.

I disagree.

Fact:The All American Republican debate centered on issues of concern to the black community.

Fact:Fred Thompson was a no show.

Yes I do want to pitch a shut out,in the 1st district,against Fred Thompson.

No Votes..for No Show Fred

IontheMedia's picture

Not showing up, but getting lots of coverage...

Newsweek's coverage of Fred Thompson has even alluded to his laziness. Yet what does the 2nd biggest national newsmagazine continue to do? Cover him and cover him.

Thompson didn't even bother to announce his run for presidency until a few weeks ago, yet Thompson has garnered 17 Newsweek articles that feature him since September of '06. During that same time in Newsweek, McCain has gotten 10 stories, Giuliani 7, Romney 6, and all the other candidates have hardly gotten a sniff of coverage or none at all.

We are a not-for-profit media ethics program that supports equal press coverage for all candidates. Read more our full report about Newsweek's coverage at (link...).

You can also hear about it from the Thompson Twins with their YouTube music video "My Johnson is for Thompson""My Johnson is for Thompson" target="

Andy Axel's picture

They then have people like

They then have people like you to feign indignation in the attempt to prove what never existed in the first place.

"Never happened." Revisionist be thy name...


I'm a guy in a Reagan mask -- and I'm running for President!

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