Jul 29 2018
10:50 am

"We are accountable to our readers, not to hedge funds," said Stephanie Lulay, the newsroom's managing editor and co-founder. "That's the model that we want to pursue going forward."

These startups are trying to save local news

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Could digital media startups fill the vacuum ...

A few years ago, when former Washington Post editor Jim Brady departed Digital First Media — a media management company that owns more than 50 newspapers across 12 states — he left with a desire to focus on local news.

Brady found that it was a tough concept to pursue when a news organization was owned by a larger company or had a long legacy, so he formed two small digital startups, one based in Philadelphia and the other in Pittsburgh in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

Billy Penn (named after the state’s founder) and The Incline now both aim to fulfill their creator's mission to cover local news.

Could digital media startups fill the vacuum left by community newspapers?

Billy Penn - local news

The Incline - Pittsburgh local news

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The first thing to remember

The first thing to remember is that none of these startups will succeed if people in the public don't use real money to subscribe to and support these startups. (Notwithstanding the cryptocurrency thing noted in the article.)

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