Nov 2 2012
05:00 am


• Jeep is closing U.S. factories and moving the jobs to China. False.
• Obamacare adds trillions to our deficits and national debt. False.
• Obamacare will result in government controlling half the economy. False.
• Obama will end Medicare as we know it. False.
• The Romney/Ryan plan preserves Medicare. False.
• Obama has run up more federal debt than all previous presidents combined. False.
• Obama has doubled the deficit. False.
• Half of the alternative energy companies funded by the recovery act went bankrupt. False.
• Obama made the recession worse and made it longer. False.
• Unemployment, bankruptcies and foreclosures are soaring. False.
• Repealing Obamacare will save $100 billion a year. False.
• I am not cutting taxes for the rich. False.
• Under Obamacare we will have a health care system run by the government. False.
• Obama has failed to address immigration reform. False.
• Obama has failed to reduce the deficit. False.
• The stimulus did not work and did not create private sector jobs. False.
• The recovery act left us with record unemployment. False.
• Eliminating Obamacare will balance the budget. False.
• Obama nationalized the student loan market. False.
• Obama has launched an all-out attack on small business. False.
• Bush added far less to the national debt than Obama. False.
• New business startups are down 100,000 a year under Obama. False.
• Obama does not have experience in tough situations. False.
• Obama cut defense. False.
• Obama jammed through health care reform bill and didn't seek Republican votes. False.
• Obama had a supermajority in Congress for two years. False.
• Regulations have quadrupled under Obama. False.
• Obamacare puts the federal government between you and your doctor. False.
• Obama has not opened up any new trade agreements. False.
• Obama never worked in the private sector. False.

bizgrrl's picture

Geez. It's really hard to

Geez. It's really hard to keep up with the lies during this election cycle.

I just wish these weren't lies:
Under Obamacare we will have a health care system run by the government.
Obama nationalized the student loan market.

truth and consequence's picture

You drank the kool-aid

If our health care system was going to be run by the government, then Cigna's CEO wouldn't have made $20 million last year. The insurance companies strong-armed congress into taking the teeth out of the Obamacare law so that now the law states that you have to buy insurance from one of them without a government option. I feel that was the wrong way to go, but it does prove that you are completely wrong on this one.
I got a government-backed college loan in 1990. George Bush Sr. must have nationalized the student loan program back then. Did you know that you can go to a bank and ask them for money for school and they will give it to you with your promise to pay it back in a reasonable amount of time? This is called a student loan and it has nothing to do with the federal government.
Did you want to try to cherry pick another of Romney's lies to change reality about or are you done now?

R. Neal's picture

If you ate referring to

If you are referring to bizgrrl's comment maybe you should re-read it?

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(No subject)

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Min's picture

Oh, man.

I am so stealing that meme.

Sarge's picture

Mitt will release copies of

Mitt will release copies of his Income Taxes at 11:58pm Monday Nov. 5.

Andy Axel's picture

"Under a Romney plan, the

"Under a Romney plan, the United States can achieve energy independence by 2020!" FALSE.

"The budget can be balanced without raising taxes." FALSE.

Andy Axel's picture

Time to reprise LL Cool J:

"You're the biggest liar that was ever created
You and Pinocchio are probably related"


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