Oct 31 2011
11:13 am

AP and other reports of the Occupy Nashville arrests, including the arrest of a Nashville Scene reporter, are showing up worldwide in the New York Times, UK Daily Mail, Salon, Reuters, Denver Post, LA Times, UK Guardian, Philadelphia Inquirer, Gawker, Seattle Times, Washington Post, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, San Francisco Chronicle, Sky News Australia, Daily Beast, Paris Post-Intelligencer, Detroit Free Press, etc.

This will no doubt be another great tool in our business and job recruitment toolkit.


ACLU Lawsuit seeks halt to Occupy Nashville arrests
SouthComm CEO expects apology from Haslam
Reporter's video of own arrest

RELATED: Maybe Haslam and Gibbons ought to study up on Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242.

rikki's picture

He are the 1%

Is there some way to make money shorting Constitutional rights?

EricLykins's picture


I think it's called the 14th Amendment.

Andy Axel's picture

Is there some way to make

Is there some way to make money shorting Constitutional rights?

Bail money, perhaps -- if only those pesky activist Davidson County night court judges would cooperate.

Min's picture

What can I say?

Those private prisons need bodies in the cells.

michael kaplan's picture

coverage on today's

coverage on today's DemocracyNow at 05:00 minutes

bizgrrl's picture

Protesters received a

Protesters received a "temporary restraining order against Gov. Bill Haslam ".

He's such a dufuss.

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