Feb 29 2008
11:43 am
By: Brian A.  shortURL

Atrios has a point in noting that Senator Clinton's terror ad really needs some wolves.

I know Senator Clinton has worked for years to cultivate the image that she's a "tough guy" when it comes to terrorism (see the Iraq war). But is there anything in her record as first lady or as a Senate committee member that clearly demonstrates she's more capable of answering the 3 a.m. phone call than Obama?

UPDATE: Obama responds, both on the stump and by commercial.

This could be viewed as preview of how effective the Obama campaign would be in responding to the GOP attack machine this fall.

UPDATE: The Clinton campaign attempts to answer the question I posed above. Did it? You decide.

reform4's picture

OK, that was just DUMB...

... never listen to campaign experts when common sense tells you something is just plain stupid.

captainkona's picture


What's an election without a little Rovian fear mongering?

I guess her "knowledge of the military" hasn't paid off quite like she expected...

I think she was being "misogynistic" about the phone thing. Is she trying to suggest that a woman's place is on the phone? That she's better skilled in phone use because women gossip? outrageous!

"The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it's open."

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Whats next...daisies and mushroom clouds?

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Thanks for the question

I want anybody other than Hillbilly or Hussein Obama answering the phone.

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Is this another chance to

Is this another chance to tout her experience during her previous eight years as President? I'm picturing the end of this commercial as, "Bill, it's for you."

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Can we get 'em with some kinda rocket, Dick? Heh heh heh!

I want anybody other than Hillbilly or Hussein Obama answering the phone.

Hey, that's real funny. But that reminds me, has pRezenint BUSH learned how to hold a telephone receiver to his ear yet?

Not that it would matter to his foreign policy, or anything.

rikki's picture

closed system

has pRezenint BUSH learned how to hold a telephone receiver to his ear yet?

This is why the fall season is going to be so fun. Republicans have absolutely no credibility. Anything they say about the Dem candidate can be shoved back in their faces in spades. They are completely helpless and will have no choice but to duct tape themselves inside their fart chamber and smell what Limbaugh has cooked up for them.

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