Today's Atlanta paper had big front page article on recent discussions on Atlanta getting water from the TVA system.

The water is being used as a bargaining chip to get a rail line from Atlanta to Chattanooga . . . among other deals.

Interesting timing on the article, as 30,000+ Vol fans were roaming the streets today in Atlanta . . .

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Georgia would win twice. Not

Georgia would win twice. Not have to build another airport and sort out logistics between the two, and water.

It seems like the rail connector with Chattanooga airport is benefit enough for them.

It looks like Georgia and Atlanta have a lot more serious problem with water than the Tennessee River would be able to solve. And with no control of growth it is going to continue to worsen significantly. Their gluttonous approach to development is what they are going to have to evaluate.

Tennessee has had its own water issues recently due to drought. The projection is that may continue or worsen in the coming years. In other words, we may not have it to give.

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Not just "they"

And with no control of growth it is going to continue to worsen significantly. Their gluttonous approach to development is what they are going to have to evaluate.

That analysis applies to East Tennessee as well, no?

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I'm always saddened when any

I'm always saddened when any governmental entity says it's running out of water. This is almost never true.

Atlanta has just exceeded it's supply of clean water that it can foul and dump back in the drainage headed toward Columbus. The problem is simply that they don't take care of the water they have.

Use less and clean it up, which they will never do as long as they can keep getting more.

And why stop the train at Chattanooga, anyway? I say make Chattanooga the "Y" and connect Knoxville and Nashville at the same time.

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Chattanooga to Atlanta?

How about the Tri-Cities to Memphis, and then we'll start talking?

Their gluttonous approach to development is what they are going to have to evaluate.


Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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There you go...

It's growing, even as we type.

Actually, a single route connecting Bristol, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville, Jackson, and Memphis would work very well with an Atlanta connector.

I proposed such a thing several years ago and was told it would be too expensive to do... I think it will be too expensive to NOT do it.

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Looks like some money may be

Looks like some money may be available now...


More in earlier blog entry...


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Good stuff (the Amtrack

Good stuff (the Amtrack bill). We need a more balanced (and efficient) transportation policy instead of just pouring all the money into roads and airports.

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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"Separate Lautenberg-Lott

"Separate Lautenberg-Lott legislation would allow states to issue federal tax credit bonds to raise capital for passenger rail projects."

Will Tennessee make a move?

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I bet it would be cheaper

I bet it would be cheaper than building Interstate 3.

Doug McCaughan

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I'm guessing the Knoxville

I'm guessing the Knoxville Airport Authority would oppose anything that would get passengers to Atlanta (or Nashville) faster and cheaper than taking a feeder flight on a puddle jumper out of Knoxville. Personally, I think it would be awesome, especially for those in rural areas that aren't served at all.

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Tennessee using more water than Georgia?

If i interpret this map correctly, Tennessee uses more water per day than Georgia.


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With the information

With the information provided, that map can't be interpreted. Withdrawals from what?

It has nothing to do with water usage in the first place.

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Water crunch could get 'serious' for Tennessee

Georgia may have to look elsewhere...


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water war with Georgia

We the people of Tennessee will never let Georgia pry the first drop of water from our River.It is the Tennessee river not the Georgia river. We will fight and it will be like a war between the states. Everyone knows Tennessee is a proud state and not a sneaky gluttonous fat Government run,,hmm what else,,craker. Georgia has lost its roots and identity to imigration.
They should have at least offered the General back after they stole it at the beginning of negotiations.Instead they go in our face with lawyers.
Not only that we are having a good ole boy bass tournament this weekend if the water gets down. To much rain has made our banks over flow.
Good luck Georgia.We do not need you and really do not care.I forget how many lifes we lost trying to stop the north from burning down Atlanta in the civil war.Maybe you guys need a fresh start again but we(the volunteers) will not be there to help this time. How do you say it in Georgia? Adios Amigo !

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GA wants water

I say let them drink beer. Budweiser has a huge plant in Cartersville, beer and Wheaties the breakfast of champions!!!

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Not surprisingly, Lake

Not surprisingly, Lake Lanier starts off 2008 in far worse shape than last year.


Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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