Apr 16 2018
01:24 am

I wish there were occasional rail excursions once a month or so year round between Knoxville, Nashville, Asheville and Chattanooga. Seems like there is track. All the cities would benefit.

A couple of comfortable rail cars would be needed. Bathrooms, AC or heat, etc.

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Train rides are awesome no doubt. However, there is no "free" lunch. Federal dollars (via China financing our deficit) would no doubt be used on revitalization / new systems. China would say thank you and use the $$$ to invest in their infrastructure.

I am also concerned about individual property rights with any specialized overlay zone or district, etc. I am very skeptical about the ROI and usage of such a project in our region as well.

Lastly, we saw what the bus/auto/tire companies did to our trolley systems in our country in the post WW2 era...need

However, being a train / transportation enthusiast, it would definitely be cool have something in the region and I would use it. Hope these folks spearheading this effort in our region have made it out to New Mexico to see their "Road Runner" system which is pretty darn cool. That would be a great benchmark.

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