Dec 27 2008
12:03 am

Ahh, Chip the Magic Cracker surfaces again, displaying his usual skill and political acumen.

Dude started out as Sundquist's chauffeur* and lookit him now.

*With a little assist from his daddy, who was a big donor/roadbuilder and served in the Sundquist administration.


Rachel's picture

If you have the stomach for

If you have the stomach for it, here's the song.

P.S. "Chip, the magic cracker" - that's hilarious! We should work on some verses. I'll start (I'm not good at this, so anybody feel free to change it):

Chip the Magic Cracker
Down in Tennessee
Sends racist gifts to the GOP
And dreams of the RNC.

Factchecker's picture

Chip the Magic Cracker With

Chip the Magic Cracker
With his smiley pinky ring
Thought it bought good luck to Mike
That's the expertise he brings

Mark Harmon's picture

New Song, Same Tune

Rush the Tragic Dope Fiend
Lived On the Dial
And Blustered in an Angry Rant
In a Sad State of Denial

Mark Harmon

Kona the magic pothead's picture


Saltsman's head looks like some manner of vegetable.
Not quite sure which one.
Gourd? Eggplant?
I wonder how many nuts he could store in those jowls?

I would imagine he included the song so he would be remembered for something other than being the reason Huckabee lost the Repig primary.

Lameness, thy name is Saltsman.

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