What a mess

One of the largest private prison companies in the nation operates facilities in Tennessee that are grossly understaffed and haphazardly run — issues that may fuel inmate violence, according to a state audit released on Tuesday.

Tennessee Audit Finds Rampant Understaffing, Other Issues at Prisons

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Full report: (link...)

Full report: (link...)

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Core Civic

Core Civic, formerly known as Corrections Corporation of America, poster child for outsourcing of government functions.

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No. No. No. Core Civic finds

No. No. No. Core Civic finds synergies between public incentives and underserved markets through disrupting past practices to create emergent dynamics with a global reach.

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I so love corporate speak.

I so love corporate speak.

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"Core Civic" says it all ...

"CoreCivic" says it all ...

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Is Tennessee ready to drop

Is Tennessee ready to drop private prisons? Despite problems, drastic change unlikely

Corecivic down 5% on audit of Tennessee facility

June 2017 quarterly report

Revenue 436.39M -5.81%
Net income 45.47M -21.03%
Diluted EPS 0.38 -22.45%
Net profit margin 10.42% -16.17%

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I have been a LONG-TIME activist and speak out when I see corruption in government backed up by FACTS. This is one problem I learned about in 2015, at a picnic where I met a Union Steward who worked at Brushy Mountain Prison and moved to the NEW Prison in Morgan County...that was bought and turned into a 'Private Prison'. I think this 'purchase' was arranged via Haslam to privatize this one and the rest of Tennessee prisons and large jails...to destroy this Union and make money for the private corporation. This professional spoke about the fact that MANY good workers, union members, guards and social worker staff were "let go" .....'to save the State money'. The staff who remained were put in danger because of security issues, salaries were cut and shifts were changed so that a worker had to work many more hours to receive overtime pay. More staff ended up quitting which increased the danger for staff AND prisoners as well. AND THANK GOD that the NEW UTK Chancellor decided NOT to allow this take over of the great jobs throughout the UT system! SO. From what I have read about the GOP candidates wanting to "be just like Haslam and do the same things he did, I take them at their word and know they also want to destroy union labor and work with private companies to destroy good State jobs. Any questions?

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