Sep 14 2021
08:45 am

"Tennessee has the most coronavirus infections of all U.S. states in the past 14 days and over the entire pandemic when adjusted for population...

Tennessee’s governor has no plans to help citizens. No help to pay for the cost of cases. No help to lower the number of cases. No help for the workers practically killing themselves to keep our healthcare system working.

What a useless man is our governor. No compassion for his fellow citizens. Alas, he is not unique. Our two U.S. senators and most of our U.S. representatives (yes you Burchett), and most of the Tennessee legislators are also useless.

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Mark Harmon running for Congress, challenges Burchett in TN-2

They are all useless . Vote them out.

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I hope and pray the misguided

I hope and pray the misguided people in Tennessee will do the right thing and vote Lee & Burchett & their cronies out next year. They share the blame for those that have died and suffered. They have never looked out for the interests of the citizens in our state. They are worthless, lying, losers. Defeating them and their ignorance at the ballot box in Tennessee is a long shot but we have to try and support Mark and anybody that opposes them.

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Even in some parts of South

Even in some parts of South Carolina they have mask mandates. Lindsey Graham's home state.

"In South Carolina, the Charleston County School District began fully enforcing its mask mandate Wednesday -- and as a result, a number of students were sent home for not complying, according to CCSD Director of Communications Andy Pruitt."

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