Based on a KPMG report commissioned by the State of Tennessee, TennCare will terminate its $35 million contract with Northrop Grumman to develop a new eligibility system and look for a new vendor.

The project is more than a year behind schedule, and the KPMG report found serious problems with the work done so far. The federal government has previously sanctioned the state for delays, and eligible enrollees who fell through the cracks have filed lawsuits. The state has spent about $5 million of state and federal funding on the system so far, which will now apparently be scrapped.


TennCare presser...

Tennessean with more details and copies of the KPMG report...

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Let's see. What would

Let's see. What would Tennesseans be saying if it was Obama as the governor wasting all this time and money? Doesn't work that way in the great state of Tennessee. Haslam is great. It's not his fault. We didn't waste money, it was federal funds. Hah! It's Obama's fault.

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Maybe TennCare should just read Knoxviews ...

If that is indeed the same thing for which they are developing software, or it is adaptable to that purpose.

Oregon To Use Kentucky Software For Medicaid

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Republicans were so quick

Republicans were so quick to criticize the botched roll out of the Affordable Care Act, but when the same scenario occurs in Tennessee under Republican leadership nobody makes a peep.

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Medicaid and Food Stamp

Medicaid and Food Stamp processing has been botched up for a while now.

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