Jul 10 2015
11:13 am

Tenncare had to cancel a $31 million contract for a failed call center for state residents checking on their Medicaid eligibility. Previously "state employees within the Tennessee Department of Human Services handled TennCare applications and answered people's questions."

The state awarded a new $56.5 million contract this year to fix the failed call center. This is not the first time Tenncare has had problems with big bucks contracts. In January, TennCare had to terminate its $35 million contract with Northrop Grumman for a new eligibility system.

Lots of taxpayer money being wasted on outsourcing?

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That's always true.

Even when the contract is fulfilled. Outsourcing never saves money in the long run. Never.

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The total destruction of TennCare/Medicaid by Haslam and Gordon

Since I am personally involved in the details of TennCare, before and after 2010 when the ACA was passed, here are the details as I know them. And if you search newspaper articles, you Will find the following:
With the intent of the GOP/Tennessee wing to NEVER approve one dime of $3.2 BILLION of Federal dollars that would have made the ACA affordable to EVERY SINGLE low-income, disabled, veteran,Senior or single parent, they had to scramble to 'prove' that Tennessee DID NOT NEED this free money. First they took employees out of DHS whose job was helping applicants find affordable insurance, then they took 200 of them and set up a ''call center'' in Nashville to "help" folks;meanwhile hundreds were CUT from the TennCare rolls, and folks were told..."you have to prove to us we were wrong in denying you coverage". Also, last year, TennCare planned to cut home care benefits from Seniors, which will force hundreds to go to nursing homes...("to save the State money". These benefits for low-income Seniors included Mobile meals, home-nursing care and more. Then Haslam ordered a 'new' computer set-up, wasting thousands more of Tenn/Care dollars, pretending he was 'fixing' TennCare. It failed and lost more money. And he and Gordon fired hundreds of State workers, he had to "hire" Contract workers for their call center, with two more contracts that failed. WHAT HAPPENED to the MILLIONS wasted, when we could have received BILLIONS if they, Haslam and his Hate-filled Legislature had done the right thing in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014...last year when the Governor tried to put together a plan that might have covered 280,000 or SOME of those who could still qualify. Every detail I have listed can be found in: The Tennessean, The News Sentinel, other papers...or online.
And a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the uninsured against Haslam, the Legislature, and Gordon and it HAS NOT BEEN answered or settled. As one of my friends asked: What happened to $13 million in TennCare Federal dollars? Critical ill victims have died because of this mismanagement and their families deserve to know why and where the money went.

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Waste of taxpayer money

I am furious that children died during "computer problems" and now no one can apply for a state job because of the same and in a recurring theme, health care and insurance are denied and delayed because of "computer problems." So much money down the drain. I must say Haslam's administration is pretty incompetent about providing services to the citizens of Tennessee. And that makes me mad.

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"Run like a business." Which

"Run like a business."

Which kind?

Lemonade stand?

Ask about VIP.

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