Mar 27 2014
12:04 pm

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We were cleaning out a closet (we are such pack rats!) and found some old stuff we used when we first started our business. From these humble beginnings, a mighty empire grew.

Kit contains:

  • Compaq Contura 3/25c laptop computer, 25MHz 80386, 4MB RAM, 80MB hard drive, Windows 3.1 For Workgroups.
  • Sharp OZ-8000 Electronic Wizard, 64K, with optional dictionary and thesaurus card. (Yes, the original Jerry Seinfeld tip calculator!)
  • Nokia/AT&T Digital Plus cellphone with extended battery.
  • TI LCD Programmer calculator.
  • HP 10B Business calculator.
  • MS-DOS 6.2 upgrade (cost: $9.95 from Software Etc. according to the sticker).
  • Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.1 (8 diskettes).
  • Microsoft Basic for IBM PC and compatibles (8 diskettes).
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows Professional Edition 3.0 (9 diskettes).
  • Microsoft Quick C for Windows (4 diskettes).
Tamara Shepherd's picture


The mister has a Timex Sinclair 1000 (circa 1982) in his closet. Thinks it's gonna be worth some money some day.


Average Guy's picture

Just seeing that laptop,

makes my shoulder and back hurt.

ATSF616's picture

That Nokia sure looks like my

That Nokia sure looks like my first cell phone from circa 2001. The model life-cycles must have been a lot longer back then.

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