Jan 8 2013
09:19 am

Reports out of CES are depressing. Until someone cracks anti-gravity or cold fusion, everything has already been invented. Now it's just being recycled, repackaged, rebranded and relaunched. Do we really need an 80 inch, $20,000 Ultra HD TV for which no content exists and that won't fit in our living room?

Here's the stupidest thing I've seen so far. A close runner up is this. Another favorite is the latest iteration of the mythical Google TV box. It doesn't actually work, but it has a cool remote.

This drunk review pretty much sums it up: Did Intel announce the follow-up to the 486 DX this year? Will it fit in an Ultraphablet? Is it bigger than the fist I want to punch you in the face with?

For a more serious take, see this: ...there are now four technology companies that truly matter to people: Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. None of them are at CES.

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"Do we really need an 80

"Do we really need an 80 inch, $20,000 Ultra HD TV "


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CES was always about the

CES was always about the getting the value added resellers on board to market the products. But that's nearly a prehistoric business model these days. Manufacturer's don't sign contracts giving companies exclusive rights to market to a geographic area any more. Things have changed.

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