A tattered flag is flying over a home going through foreclosure in Corryton, according to the News Sentinel. A woman is upset that no one is currently in the position to go on the property and take the flag down. County Codes doesn't have the right to do so. The former owners no longer have possession of the house. The foreclosure is still pending, so the bank can't go get it, either.

Normally, when I see a tattered, worn out flag flying, my response would be similar - I might even be compelled to politely ask its owner if they would remove and replace it.

In this case, though, I think the symbolism is appropriate, and would only be improved if the tattered flag were also flying upside-down. The rampant and unresolved corruption behind the housing bubble and subsequent foreclosure crisis has our nation distressed and in tatters, too.

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Good observation

That flag is simply a tree flying in front of a much bigger forest.

It's insane banks are still promoting instruments that got us into the mess we're still trying to get out of.

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