Oct 19 2018
12:57 pm
By: Andy Axel

At least one major daily newspaper in this state understands its role as public advocate, and not simply a pass-through for advertising revenue.

Thank you, Jack McElroy.

Andy Axel's picture

This non-tradition, as editor David Plazas calls it

is now a tradition, as in 2016 when the Tennessean refused to draw an editorial distinction between Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump.

I suggest that if they want to take a pass on the next presidential election as well that it would save them some time to ask what remains of their readership to flip a coin.

bizgrrl's picture

It's a little hard to give

It's a little hard to give the KNS kudos for these endorsements. But, we'll take what we can get.

R. Neal's picture

They endorsed a few

They endorsed a few Democrats. Including Greg Mackay, Edward Nelson and Coleen Martinez. But curiously, not Gloria Johnson, who is clearly the better candidate.

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