Oct 31 2012
03:50 pm

From the Anthony Hancock campaign:

Join Anthony Hancock and team at the Downtown West early vote site tomorrow from 4:30 p.m. until the polls close for a campaign rally/tailgate. Let's show our democratic pride and Big Orange spirit for Anthony Hancock, State House candidate, 18th District. Wear your orange, bring your enthusiasm, bring your friends. Let's show Stacey Campfield and Steve Hall that WE CAN DO IT!!

fischbobber's picture

A Pep Rally!

Dadgum, this sounds like fun. I hate that I'm working but someone has to actually produce the wealth that republicans steal. Sing some Rocky Top for me!

Tell Anthony I said, "Hi." (Just say, "Fisch says hey.")

And don't forget to vote for him.

redmondkr's picture

See There Bob

There is another way we are different.

I have gone on record on this very forum as being of the opinion that Rocky Top is a miserably wretched piece of music and there is no way I would ever request that somebody sing that thing for me.

But I love you anyway (humming a few bars of the Ode to Joy).

bizgrrl's picture

I can barely stand to hear

I can barely stand to hear Rocky Top any more. Drives me crazy. For some reason, when I hear the song I think of drunken fools.

fischbobber's picture

Rocky Top

I would personally like to strangle the person that came up with the idea of screaming "Wooooo" in between the lines "Good ole Rocky Top" and "Rocky Top Tennessee". It's like an activity for people that are too lazy and stupid to learn the words. It speaks volumes about our views on education.

Speaking of a better education system in Tennessee, I hope everyone is making their way to the polls to vote for Anthony Hancock!

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