Overdue by a couple hundred years.

Gerrymandering seems to blatantly usurp democracy.

"For most Americans, it's obvious that our elected officials shouldn't be able to punish voters based on what party they prefer," said Levitt. "A Supreme Court decision setting limits on drawing districts for partisan advantage would substantially change the way that local, state, and congressional districts are drawn after the next census."

In most states, the maps are drawn after all by the party in power after each census, meaning neither party has a guarantee of controlling the districts indefinitely. But given US House districts generally survive for 10 years -- or five elections -- the impact on policy and government is substantial.

Levitt and others believe that the legislators in charge of drawing the maps have gone to new extremes impacting voters' right to fair representation under the First and Fourteenth Amendment.

Supreme Court's next step on gerrymandering could be its biggest yet

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Supreme Court to hear partisan gerrymandering case

"This will be the biggest and most important election law case in decades. However the Court rules will affect elections for years to come," Josh Douglas, a law professor at the University of Kentucky College of Law who specializes in election law and voting rights, told CNN.

Supreme Court to hear partisan gerrymandering case

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