...what could be the most consequential term in decades, as the ideologically split justices consider cases as diverse as religious liberty, immigration, cell phone privacy, voting rights and possibly the legality of President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban.

"There is only one prediction that is entirely safe about the upcoming term, and that is it will be momentous," Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said ...

Supreme Court kicks off blockbuster term: Cases to watch

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Gill v. Whitford is by and far the most critical case. Based on his questioning, there is at least hope that Justice Kennedy will find the test he is looking for to allow the courts to turn back egregious cases of gerrymandering.

Surely the Justices are aware that their decision in this case may be the last bulwark to protect the very Constitution that they contemplate in their daily routine. If they pass on this opportunity to reel in this inherently corrupt practice, they may be among the last jurists to debate the relevance of 'original intent.'

Should the way instead be cleared for the current crop of highly partisan Republicans to cheat their way into controlling just a few more state houses, it will then become possible for an entirely partisan call for a Constitutional Convention, where partisan control will re-write the entire document, wiping away all that revered wisdom of the founders, and the Supreme Court itself will likely find its own power wiped away as well.

This isn't academic or even political any longer. It is existential.

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Not to mention democracy


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