Jul 8 2006
09:27 am
By: clarkstooksbury

Glenn should shift his brain into gear before repeating right-wing twaddle. He links to a column by Supply-Side Fundamentalist, Larry Kudlow proclaiming the virtues of the 2003 tax cuts. Reynolds ("It's news to me") sounds as if Kudlow has made startling revelations even though he hasn't told us much at all:

Did you know that just over the past 11 quarters, dating back to the June 2003 Bush tax cuts, America has increased the size of its entire economy by 20 percent? In less than three years, the U.S. economic pie has expanded by $2.2 trillion, an output add-on that is roughly the same size as the total Chinese economy, and much larger than the total economic size of nations like India, Mexico, Ireland, and Belgium.

It sounds impressive, but what does it all mean? How does this compare with, say, the period from 1997 til 2000? How much of it is fueled by consumer debt?  Is the growth curve steeper because the economy went through a brief downturn after 9/11?

 Economic factoids in isolation reveal very little. As I said earlier, Larry Kudlow is a Supply-Side Fundamentalist -- facts are always going to point in the same direction when he studies them. I'm not sure what motivates Reynolds to parrot him.

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I'm not sure what motivates

I'm not sure what motivates Reynolds to parrot him.

Sheer dick-iness?


Never has the left been so right.

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