According to this Peabody Energy press release:

...the disruption in New Orleans offered a convincing visual demonstration to counter those who have envisioned a world without coal.

"Coal is the world's fastest growing major fuel and provides more electricity than any other energy source," said Boyce. "Without coal, you might as well turn off half the lights not just for our favorite games but also for our cities, shops, factories and homes."

Andy Axel's picture

New Orleans in late 2005 is,

New Orleans in late 2005 is, ironically enough, a view of coastal cities of the future in the wake of unabated global warming.

gonzone's picture

Peabody hasn't seen those

Peabody hasn't seen those nice new solar panels on my roof. Scare propaganda won't work on me.

Min's picture

I'm envious.

I want solar panels.

Rachel's picture

Oh good grief.

Oh good grief.

reform4's picture

If it's anything to the utility industry

it would be an example of why our horribly outdated grid needs to be upgraded.

An Oct. 15 memo released by the Louisiana Stadium & Exposition District, which oversees the Superdome, says tests on the dome's electrical feeders showed they had "some decay and a chance of failure."

Entergy New Orleans, the company that supplies the stadium with power, and the structure's engineering staff "had concerns regarding the reliability of the Dome service from Entergy's connection point to the Dome," the memo says. Those concerns were due in part to "circumstances that have previously occurred with the electrical service regarding transient spikes and loads."

EricLykins's picture

In possibly the most

In possibly the most face-palmy story of the decade, Congress and the Department of Homeland Security have been suppressing studies of our outdated power grid since 2004 under the rationalization that terrorists could discover that we have a vulnerable, outdated power grid. No kidding.

Factchecker's picture


Thanks for exposing the kind of dishonesty PR coal companies have come to rely on in an economy that has already priced their product out of the market.

We knew very soon after the SB power failure that it had nothing to do with power availability or delivery. It was equipment within the Superdome and could possibly even be traced to damage that occurred from Katrina, which as Andy points out, is a much more likely event to recur thanks to the burning of fossil fuels.

The Peabody Plan includes ridiculous stuff like:

-Develop at least 100 major carbon capture, use and sequestration projects around the world;

Even if this could be proven effective, 100 such plants would amount to doing basically nothing, as it represents such a tiny fraction of carbon being emitted. Secondly, there is no such thing as a working CCS project that could be ramped up within a reasonable and amount of time and be cost competitive with other proven sources of clean energy. As Steve of W has so well put it, coal is sequestered carbon. How can it be burned and then re-sequestered? It's just not realistic.

Finally, why do they even bother talking about carbon capture when they deny any existence of, and contribution to, climate change and they defend CO2 as a harmless and vital substance? If CO2 is not a problem, why capture it? ExxonMobil does the same thing in its ads. Pick a side, plunderers.

These people are bankrupt of morals, ethics, and credibility. Hopefully the coal industry will be forced into fiscal bankruptcy sooner than later. Its days are numbered.

Factchecker's picture

I guess that was a pointless

I guess that was a pointless preach read mostly by the choir. My comment should have been: What bullshit.

bizgrrl's picture

Never pointless. Some of us

Never pointless. Some of us want to read summaries of the situation.

Factchecker's picture


Never pointless.

I was being half sarcastic for the futility we seem to go through. The "Peabody Plan" shows clear desperation, fortunately.

Min's picture

And some of us...

...may want to steal a line or two to use on another forum. ;-)

bizgrrl's picture

What a beautiful, but so sad

What a beautiful, but so sad song.

R. Neal's picture

From the SKB archives

Extra 'Paradise' verses by SKB:

Daddy can you tell me, where they took all that coal to
Did its fires warm the hearths of good honest men?
I wish it were so, son, but the Captains have sold it
And the TVA burns it for their turbines to spin

And daddy won't you take me to the top of Old Smoky
Up the French Broad where the black bears they play
Well, I'm sorry my son, but you're too late in asking
The TVA smokestacks have laid it to waste

We fancied to fish in the South Fork for walleyes
Mama fried them in lard and made skillet cornbread
Then Eastman came down and they spewed out their poison
Now God's Holston River by man's hand is dead

And daddy won't you take me back to Moccasin Gap
Up to South Fork Long Island where the Cherokee played
Well, I'm sorry my son, but you're too late in asking
The Cherokee's ghosts o'er the Holston now pray

I remember a river spilling down from the Mountains
Its brookies grew fat and its waters flowed free
The Pigeon now foams up with brown death and venom
And Champion makes paper from misery and trees

And daddy won't you take me back to Western Carolina
We'll go down to the Pigeon with our old fishing poles
Well, I'm sorry my son, but you're too late in asking
They've poisoned the river and a piece of my soul

Factchecker's picture

Ode to "Clean Coal"

From Knoxville band The Lonetones' latest (and quite excellent) CD, Modern Victims:

Stirrin’ Up The Dust
(words and music by Sean McCollough)

Big ol’ wheels, spinnin’ round
Muddy blades slice through the ground
Dynamite will make her noise
And ancient rocks will have no choice
Split the mountain to the bone
Hear those diesel engines groan

Fill ‘em up with shiny coal
Now the mountain is the hole
Mountains tremble and tumble down
Wakin’ up the ghosts of the company towns
Listen closely you’ll hear the sound
The Voices from the Mountains, hallowed in this ground

Stirin’ up the dust, Stirin’ up the dust

Stirin’ up the dust, Stirin’ up the dust

For 300 million years they’ve weathered on
But once a mountain’s gone it’s gone
You can’t put it back, it’ll never be the same
No matter what they call it, no matter what they claim

Now it’s all or nothin’ in this dirty little tale
Where coal is king and lives are for sale
With a history of crooked lies
And blackened faces and tired eyes

Mountains tremble…

Blair Mountain, Bob White, Kayford Mountain, Fork Ridge, Sarah Anne, Island Creek Zeb Mountain, Black Mountain, Pickering Knob, Montgomery Creek, Huckleberry Ridge, Glen Alum, Marsh Fork, Buffalo Mountain

Lost Mountain, lost mountain, lost mountain, lost mountain

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