Nov 8 2007
11:08 am

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A majority of the mayors of the Nashville area's largest cities and counties oppose a plan to loosen the state's open meeting laws, according to an informal Tennessean survey.

More members of elected boards and commissions would be allowed to discuss public affairs behind closed doors if a change approved in October by a legislative subcommittee continues to advance.

Proponents of the change say it will help politicians conduct business more efficiently and steer clear of embarrassing imbroglios like a recent court case involving illegal closed meetings of the Knox County Commission.

But nine city and county mayors contacted by The Tennessean echoed concerned citizens when they said they liked the law the way it is.

Five others did not return phone calls.

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Mayors have motives too

Mayors want it because they would also like to be wined and dined by lobbyist, just like on the state and national levels. Constituents who have to pay to bitch are much less likely to do any bitching. Either way, sunshine focuses citizen attention on all local government and from what I've seen - they don't like it.

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