Jun 25 2019
07:58 pm
By: bizgrrl

Lots of talk about canceling student debt for higher education.

Senator Bernie Sanders on Monday proposed canceling all $1.6 trillion of outstanding student loan debt in the United States... Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has proposed canceling $640 million of the debt.

Interesting stats in the article.

According to the Department of Education, only 45 percent of student loans are used to attend public colleges and universities, ...

The department also reports that 40 percent of loans are taken out to attend graduate or professional school — for example, master’s and Ph.D programs, law school, business school and medical school.

Will those later debts be forgiven, too?

Free college is an interesting idea. There are plenty of pros and cons. Personally, I think it more important to resolve the healthcare issue first. Some might say college degrees enable people to afford healthcare. Not sure I agree. I do like the idea of giving more assistance to Phds, medical doctors, and some masters programs. Also, I'm not sure this is an issue that will get out the vote. We'll see.

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