Jul 3 2013
02:27 pm

I can't remember what I was searching for when I came across this - I found it fascinating! Follow the link to check out the pictures.

Historic Camden County

Revisiting a Centuries' Old Mourning Tradition

Commemorative eating and drinking customs at funerals go back so far in time that Paleolithic humans are believed to have dined on the corpse itself before they buried it. Those ancestors -- we now know them as "cave men" -- were the first humans to perceive some higher meaning in death and to ceremonially entomb their dead. It's likely that eating a bit of a deceased loved one was an effort to both honor and incorporate their essence into one's own. Anthropologists believe this grisly habit evolved into the somewhat more civilized mourning practices throughout medieval Europe and ultimately gave rise to the "funeral biscuits" so popular in the Victorian age.

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This is very interesting, Amy. I enjoyed reading about this tradition. I recently attended a funeral service for an elderly man where cookies and punch and coffee were provided before the church service. No receiving line, people mingled and talked to the surviving family and shared stories amongst themselves about the deceased before proceeding upstairs to the sanctuary for the service. Seems like a very civilized way to have a funeral to me.

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