Feb 10 2009
01:12 pm

Senate passes Obama's economic recovery plan, Republican filibuster fails. Now it has to be reconciled with the House version.

RELATED: Chart of differences between House and Senate bills

UPDATE: Tennessee could get $3.1 to $4.2 billion.

UPDATE: Separating fact from conservative talk radio fiction.

UPDATE: Markets skeptical.

UPDATE: Alexander and Corker both voted against it. (Both voted FOR the Wall Street bailout bill.)

R. Neal's picture

So when does Michael Steel

So when does Michael Steel kick Republicans who voted for cloture and for the bill out of the party? Isn't that how it's done? Or is that just a Tennessee thing?

R. Neal's picture

This is odd: Fossil energy

This is odd:

Fossil energy research
House: $0
Senate: $4,600,000,000, (+$4,600,000,000)

Energy efficiency
House: $11,400,000,000
Senate: $5,800,000,000 (-$5,600,000,000)

Electricity grid
House: $11,000,000,000
Senate: $4,500,000,000 (-$6,500,000,000)

James Calloway's picture

I suppose what is odd about it

Is that one cent is being spent on this foolishness considering it has vewry little to do with stimulus, but a lot to do with the nighttime dreams of the left.

See you in 2010.

Nobody's picture

How does this work

How does it become reconciled with such huge differences?

How long will reconciling take?

R. Neal's picture

It will go to a joint

It will go to a joint committee and they will hash it out. Obama says he wants it on his desk by the end of the week. We'll see.

P.S. The dollars aren't that far apart (and both are too large in my opinion). The differences are on priorities. There will have to be compromise. Looking at the list, some don't seem all that unreasonable.

bill young's picture

I'm for it

I think the senate bill will by & large be the bill that comes out of conference.

My bet is the bill will be on the Presidents desk by weeks end & he will sign it into law.

I disagree R..this bill is one we need.

It's got the right mix of spending & tax cuts to prime the economic pump to start digging out of this deep deep hole we are in.

R. Neal's picture

I didn't say we didn't need

I didn't say we didn't need it. I just think it might be a little large. I don't have any specifics, though, that's just my gut feel.

KC's picture

The votes are there in the

The votes are there in the Senate to avoid a filibuster. It will pass the House, even if every Republican votes against it.

The trick for the President and the Democrats is to turn the argument back on the Republicans and to make it look like it was the Republicans who failed to act in a bipartisan manner. Which, from what I have read it was, since Republicans seem to want to have been treated as if they had won in November.

The Republicans hold 41 percent of the House seats, and the Democrats hold 51 percent. Democrats, including Obama, should now be focused on marginalizing the minority.

KC's picture

Make that 59 percent held by

Make that 59 percent held by the Democrats.

bill young's picture

Fair enough

I agree R.

Need was not the right word to use because you did not say we didnt need the bill but that the bill "was too large".

Let me put it this way.

The President as I understood him last night was saying that we can't piecemeal our way out of this mess.

We have to be big & we have to be bold because an incremental approach would be swallowed up in the blackhole that is our economy & we could find ourselves in a "lost decade" of no growth akin to Japan in the '90s.

Sarge's picture

When the final bill comes

When the final bill comes out of conference, watch for some Republican House member be for the bill after they were against it.

R. Neal's picture

Like Cooper maybe?

Like Cooper maybe?

KC's picture

Like Cooper maybe? That

Like Cooper maybe?

That leads to a larger question doesn't it?

Am I the only one who believes that moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats have interpreted what happened in Tennessee in November as indicative of a Republican/conservative mandate or uprising in the state, and as a result have been scared into acting more conservative than they usually are?

Konamazing's picture


The government actually accomplished something that might help someone?
After the last eight years...well...it feels kinda odd. Good, but odd.

At least we may soon be able to shed the stigma of expecting failure from our daily outlook.

bill young's picture


Granted Jim's districts have changed alot but he's the same.Too conservative for most Democrats.But he is a Democrat.

When Jim was the congressman from the 4th district he represented Hancock,Hamblen,Grainger,Claiborne,Union,Campbell & Scott.Those voters agreed with him & voted for him.

How his conservatism plays so well in Nashville I dont know but my bet is they know a good congressman when they see one.

I am interested to see how Jim votes on the bill that comes out of conference.

It doesnt really matter in the scheme of things the bill will pass the House with or without Jim's vote.

Believe or not I dont always agree with Jim & on this bill I dont.Unless he goes for the conference bill.

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