Nov 5 2012
01:28 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Here's a sampling of the celebrity support for Obama v. Romney. It's silly and meaningless, but I'm pretty sure which afterparty I'd rather go to.

Obama Supporters Romney Supporters
Bruce Springsteen Peyton Manning
George Clooney Ted Nugent
Tom Hanks Meat Loaf
Ron Howard Kid Rock
Stephen Spielberg Lee Greenwood
Will Smith Trace Adkins
Stevie Wonder Scott Baio
Jay-Z Jerry Bruckheimer
Ben Afleck Vince & Linda McMahon
Alec Baldwin Jack Hanna
Jeff Bridges Krisit Yamaguchi
Brad Pitt Johnny Van Zant
Denzel Washington Clint Eastwood
Martin Sheen Sylvester Stallone
Kevin Spacey Tom Selleck
Christopher Walken Alex Rodriguez
Antonio Banderas Dennis Miller
Morgan Freeman Drew Carey
Kirk Douglas Adam Sandler
Jamie Lee Curtis Adam Carolla
Barbra Steisand Chuck Norris
Robert Downey Jr. Jeff Foxworthy
Leonardo Dicaprio Donald Trump
Will Ferrell Hulk Hogan
Jamie Foxx
Danny Devito
Adrian Grenier
Scarlett Johansson
Mariska Hargitay
Eva Longoria
Lily Tomlin
Ben Stiller
Jack Black
Edward Norton
Chevy Chase
Michael Keaton
Bradley Whitford
Betty White
Leonard Nimoy
George Takei
Susan Sarandon
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Jane Lynch
Quentin Tarantino
Sam Waterson
Stephen King
Toni Morrison
Philip Glass
Richard Lewis
Ellen Degeneres
Wes Craven
Michael Mann
Martin Scorsese
Steven Soderbergh
Magic Johnson
Patrick Ewing
Gwen Stefani
John Legend
Herb Alpert
Norman Lear
JJ Abrams
Garry Marshall
Judd Apatow
Quincy Jones
Aaron B Sorkin
Emmylou Harris
Ashley Judd
Jackson Browne
Randy Newman
Fiona Apple
Kris Kristofferson
Oprah Winfrey
Jeff Beck
Jon Bon Jovi
Jimmy Buffett
David Byrne
Sheryl Crow
Aretha Franklin
Whoopi Goldberg
Lady Gaga
Al Green
Buddy Guy
Merle Haggard
Mick Jagger
Elton John
Toby Keith
Alicia Keys
BB King
Carole King
James Taylor
Crosby Stills and Nash
Andy Axel's picture

Add Paul McCartney to the

Add Paul McCartney & band to the Obama list...


Hildegard's picture

All you had to say was Buddy

All you had to say was Buddy Guy to make my vote cool.

Min's picture

Oh, Tom Selleck...'re breaking my heart.

Rachel's picture

Selleck has always been a

Selleck has always been a Republican. He's not one of the completely crazy ones, tho.

Min's picture

If he's a Republican...

...then he's supporting a platform designed by the crazy ones in his party. And that's what breaks my heart.

fischbobber's picture

I've heard Selleck expound on politics

He's completely crazy.

ATSF616's picture

Ed McMahon?

The dead one?

Mykhailo's picture

Lemmy needs to be at the top

Lemmy needs to be at the top of the Obama list.

trobinson's picture

Adam Sandler's a right

Adam Sandler's a right winger?! No wonder I never found him funny. Perusing this list begs the question: why are Repubs so unfunny? I mean, Foxworthy is kind of funny sometimes but I'm willing to bet he has some lefty writers.

redmondkr's picture

You might be redneck if you

You might be redneck if

you open the show for Mitt Rmoney.

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