Feb 6 2018
12:25 pm

Live coverage begins at 1:10 PM. You can watch it here...

The Falcon Heavy is currently the world's most powerful rocket, and the most powerful since the Saturn V used for Apollo. The test payload will be Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster, which will launch into orbit around the Sun. Its orbit will take it close to Mars.

More about the Falcon Heavy...

More about today's launch...

More from NASA...

New York Times...

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Launch delayed until 2:20 pm

Launch delayed until 2:20 pm due to upper level wind shear.

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Now delayed until 3:10.

Now delayed until 3:10. I predict they will scrub. Next launch window is 1:30pm-4:00pm tomorrow.

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New T-0 is 3:45. Launch

New T-0 is 3:45. Launch window closes at 4pm.

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Launch sequence initiated,

Launch sequence initiated, propellent being loaded for 3:45 launch, fingers crossed.

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Lox loading, live feed up at

Lox loading, live feed up at link above...

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That was incredible.

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That was indeed totally

That was indeed totally awesome! Science fiction in real life.

Side boosters both stuck the landing in FL. Main booster missed the barge and "splashed down."

Think I read that the two side boosters had flown before and the main booster was new. Ouch. If I understand the video I was seeing, it looked like the main booster was damaged or scorched or something.

The payload appears to have been launched into deep space out of Earth orbit. They cut off the feed just after separation from the second stage.

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Sure would have liked to been

Sure would have liked to been there to see the boosters land. Way cool.

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