But the report also looks at the home addresses of those who died. In 2017, as in 2016, the ZIP codes 37920 (South Knoxville) and 37917 (North Knoxville) were at the top, although 2018 numbers project that 37920 has moved to the fourth spot, and 37917 up to No.1, followed by 37918 and 37921.

Report: South, North Knoxville among areas hardest hit by drug deaths

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For them as subscribe, we

For them as subscribe, we took a look at this last week:


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Here is a link to the actual

Here is a link to the actual report.

Something I cannot find are the actual counts by zip code/area within zip code. For South Knoxville, in a quick look, it appears people come from other zip codes to SoKno to overdose on drugs.

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