Nov 17 2011
05:36 pm

More good news. The Charter Doyle PetSafe dog park in South Knoxville at 5100 W Martin Mill Pike is open for business. The ribbon cutting was today.

It's two off-leash acres, and bonus, it has separate big dog and small dog sections. Gracie will appreciate that, although she has adapted to running with the big dogs when there aren't any small dogs around.

This is a pleasant surprise, because we'd been over there a couple of times and didn't see any work going on and wondered what was happening with the project. I guess it has been longer than I remember and/or they built it pretty fast.

Press release after the jump...

City of Knoxville press release:

Another park was claimed by the dogs today when the City of Knoxville and PetSafe representatives officially opened Charter Doyle PetSafe Dog Park in South Knoxville.

Members of the community (human and canine alike) celebrated at the ceremony for the 2-acre dog park, located within the existing 26-acre Charter Doyle Park, at 5100 W Martin Mill Pike.

"I know this dog park is going to bring a lot of joy to dog owners in South Knoxville and, really, across the city because I think pet owners in other parts of town will want to visit," said Mayor Daniel Brown. "It’s a wonderful place for people to come and let their dogs run off the leash."

The new dog park features separate sections for large and small dogs, a dog water fountain, and park aesthetics with mature cedar trees and natural rocks decorating the landscape. It's also connected to a 0.4-mile greenway that encircles a soccer field, picnic shelter, tennis courts and playground in Charter Doyle Park. To go along with the new dog park project, the City had the greenway recently repaved and widened.

"Charter Doyle Park has always been a quaint community park," said Joe Walsh, Director of Knoxville Parks and Recreation. "With the dog park addition, however, it's truly made the park more active and attractive to visitors. Thanks to Randy Boyd's commitment through PetSafe, now people are getting outside for the sake of their dogs."

This marks the third off-leash dog park funded by PetSafe through their $500,000 commitment to build five dog parks in Knoxville. The previous two were in Knox County's Tommy Schumpert Park and in the City's PetSafe Downtown Dog Park.

Walsh said Boyd has held an ambition to make Knoxville the Most Pet Friendly City in the nation and has been quite successful by pushing for an ordinance to allow dogs on restaurant patios downtown, purchasing dog water fountains to go along heavily used greenways, and sponsoring the City’s annual Mardi Growl dog parade to benefit the Young Williams Animal Center. His efforts were acknowledged in 2010, when Boyd was presented with the Tennessee Recreation and Park Association Volunteer of the Year award.

"Randy is helping us to offer the very best recreation for dogs and their owners," said Walsh. "Pay a visit to this new dog park, and you’ll see what I mean."

Charter Doyle PetSafe Dog Park marks the third City of Knoxville dog park, the other two being PetSafe Downtown Dog Park and Dogwood Park in Victor Ashe Park.

For more information on City of Knoxville dog parks, please visit (link...).

bizgrrl's picture

Who is Charter Doyle? I know

Who is Charter Doyle? I know Mildred Doyle was the Superintendent of Knox County Schools, met her a couple of times. The city website says the Doyle family donated the land for the park. Who was Charter Doyle? A beloved family member?

Rachel's picture

The city website also says

The city website also says that Charter Doyle was Mildred Doyle's father.

bizgrrl's picture

Thanks, Rachel. It would seem

Thanks, Rachel. It would seem logical to have a link to this history on the page describing the park. But, you would also think they would have the park on their map of parks, but I don't see it anywhere.

mjw's picture

It's there

There are a stacked pair of picnic table symbols right underneath the word "of" in "University of Tennessee". It's underneath the marker for Fort Dickerson Park. If you zoom in you can see that the map marker is completely wrong. Charter E Doyle Park is not on the little stub of Martin Mill that's behind the Ruby Tuesday. It is between Brown and Magazine Roads (south of Young High Pike, before you get to Neubert Springs). This appears to be a case of Google having it's street numbers wrong for Martin Mill Pike. If you look the street address up on Mapquest, it shows the park correctly.

In any case, you can click on the marker and get to the City of Knoxville page on the park from the more info link. And here's a link to a page with a hand-drawn map:

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So Kno Loves the Dog Park

Big thanks to Petsafe and Nick Pavlis!

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