Apr 27 2018
01:12 pm

Some interesting analysis of the Knox County Board of Education District 9 race...

I’ve written extensively about South Knoxville’s transformation over the past few years. We’ve come a long way in marketing ourselves and preserving our individuality. A candidate who takes big bucks from the powermongers of West Knoxville isn’t going to be able to say no when they want something from her.

Reading the money trail in Rountree-Kristy contest

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Too bad this didn't come out

Too bad this didn't come out before early voting.

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I don't think folks in South

I don't think folks in South Knoxville will take too kindly to this.

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I'm SoKno, so is Betsy and folks like her and her writing. I'm taking just fine to this and appreciate it.

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I was referring to the West

I was referring to the West Knox Haslam GOP goober cartel inserting themselves into SoKno bidness.

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it is cause Hunley keeps kicking Haslam's ass

It's the wins and loss column. Hunley outsmarts them on every election.

Seriously, they realize this is their best shot at beating Hunley.

To be honest, the only person in this town with a better record at kicking their ass is Tony Basilio. Got it?

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Andy Fox's comment says it

Andy Fox's comment says it all. Well, not quite all: the charter school story is missing .. and he never tells us what "those values" are.

My understanding is that Amber Rountree has Gloria Johnson-esque political leanings. I don't like those values. I think those values are not in the best interest of our country, state, county, and community. I don't want anyone with those values to be in office.

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