For those people who think they are making a statement by not attending a UT football game, I say thanks. Thanks to so many that are donating their tickets so that some who have never been to a game (and are still excited to see a game) get to see the Vols play today.

South Knoxville Elementary School started a campaign to get people to donate their unwanted tickets to students and their families.

The school ended up collecting more than 250 tickets for its students, enough for every student and their family to go to the game, if they want.

"I've never been to a Tennessee Football game," said Chase Sullivan, a second grader at the school. "If they got a Hail Mary like the last time when they faced Georgia, that would be unbelievable."
"If you are watching on a regular TV, then it would be like you couldn't hear any of the sounds," said Zachary Hoseholder, a second grader at the school. "I like them if they're good or bad. Because if they're bad, that just means they need more practice."
According to Principal Tanna Nicely, "Quite frankly our parents can't afford to buy the tickets so the chance to go and cheer on the Vols would mean the world to these kids."

Every Friday, everyone in the school wears orange and white in support of the Vols.

So sweet. Such good attitudes.


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