Nov 27 2012
04:32 pm


The City of Knoxville has completed installation of 22 directional signs along the bicycle route from downtown to Ijams Nature Center in South Knoxville. More in the press release after the break...

City press release...


The second of several planned signed bicycle routes in the City of Knoxville is complete, with directional signs showing the way from downtown to Ijams Nature Center in South Knoxville and back. The approximately 3.6-mile route runs partly along City streets and partly on the Will Skelton Greenway.

"Much of South Knoxville is easily accessible from downtown by bicycle," said City Engineering Director Jim Hagerman, who lives in the Island Home neighborhood and commutes to the City County Building via bicycle himself. "I hope these signs encourage more cyclists to take the ride, whether as commuters or leisure riders."

There are 22 signs posted on poles along the route. It begins on Gay Street between Main and Hill avenues, crosses the river and continues on to Sevier Avenue. It then takes Island Home Avenue to Spence Place, and connects to the Will Skelton Greenway at Island Home Park. It follows the greenway for 1.3 miles to Ijams Nature Center. There is also a signed spur to and from Volunteer Landing, so cyclists can access the route from the Outdoor Knoxville Adventure Center.

The signs are each 6 3/4" by 30". A map of the route is online here.

The South Knoxville route connects on Gay Street to the first signed route, which runs from downtown through West Knoxville to Cedar Bluff. Future routes are planned through East Knoxville, to Chilhowee Park and the Knoxville Zoo, and through North Knoxville to the Alice Bell community and Knoxville Center mall.

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A good job

We followed the signage from JWP to the Will Skelton Greenway and back to downtown. The route was straightforward and easy to follow. It was the first time the route from JWP to the greenway made any sense. The right hand turn off the bridge had always thrown me. I always enjoyed the journeys and Island Home is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in America, but not unlike the North Chicago section of town around Loyola (I believe that was the college), the roads can get steep and curvy quickly and I'd always found myself wondering how I was going to negotiate my fat ass on the journey without getting killed. Now I know.

Thanks Madame Mayor. Your attention to detail has once again dramatically improved the living experience in our town by simply pointing out what we have.

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Thanks Madame Mayor. The

Thanks Madame Mayor.

The Mayor has some good people helping her with stuff like this, if I may be allowed to say so. :)

Outside of City administration, thanks should also go to Kelley Segars, the bicycle planner for the TPO.

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Wonderful. I really like the

Wonderful. I really like the Gay Street to Sevier Avenue and beyond route. But, then, I will miss the big hill at Volunteer Landing, the possibly solitary ride along the river to get to Riverside Drive, and getting on/off James White Parkway on the South Knoxville Bridge route. :) Whatever. I don't even own a bike. I've ridden and walked the Gay Street/Sevier Avenue route many times in years past. Sevier Avenue has almost always been rough. There used to be lots of truck traffic and lots of oil on the road.

Thanks to City Engineering Director Jim Hagerman, Kelley Segars, Mayor Rogero, and all involved in this project.

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Will these routes be

Will these routes be patrolled by walking/biking/horseback, whatever?

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