Feb 2 2018
05:08 pm

Here's a very cool article about the challenges of live sound reinforcement. This guy does the Super Bowl, the Grammys, the Oscars and more. Apparently, he knows what he's doing. Fascinating read...

Patrick Baltzell has designed the audio for the past 19 Super Bowls — here’s how he does it

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My one question was unanswered

I've been hosting music for 5 1/2 years with cheap equipment and substandard know how. I'm no sound man. That said, we get some great stuff most of the time, thanks to the pro's that perform and know what they need. The biggest problem is the difference between sound check in an empty room and one that is full of sound soaking human bodies. I cannot imagine the difficulties I have going form zero to 50-75 people compared to 50,000 walking talking acoustic baffles in the house.

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I would think they could

I would think they could model the effects of a full stadium and get pretty close. But I'd guess they start with going to an earlier game in the same stadium, when it's as close to full as possible, and take some measurements. Then they can go measure the place when it's empty and learn what the corrections need to be.

Just my speculation.

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