Dec 20 2012
01:50 am

I personally believe that well-regulated and disciplined gun ownership is a beautiful thing, but I'm seeing a ton of fictional garbage being paraded around the intertubes as righteous common sense. May we address some of these?

How many of you believe that there are more deaths in the U.S. by baseball bats than firearms?

With such strict gun laws in Mexico, why aren't they the safest country in North America? With more gun stores than grocery stores here, why aren't we the safest in the universe?

What do you know about Lott and Mustard? And why don't Charles Branas studies get equal airtime on the talk radio?

What else?

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Debunking some of the fiction

Debunking the favoritist cases used to promote arming civilians.

Bottom line, armed civilians don't stop mass shooters.

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Nicely Done!

Beware of University of Chicago economists wielding regression analyses.

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On a related note...

On a related note...

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clicking through one of those

clicking through one of those links..

Our mathematical models generally will fail to capture the impact of rare and severe situations... Their rareness makes them outliers and their severity encourages us to discard them as aberrations. In building models, we allow ourselves to use biased samples that overweight good times. We artificially simplify non-stationary processes. We choose distribution forms that are convenient, even if their tails are too thin. If we find it too difficult to quantify a seemingly relevant factor, we are prone to simply ignore it. Political and social factors rarely appear as variables. And yet, all this is acceptable, provided that we appreciate our models' limitations. We must not ask our models to carry more than they can bear.

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Yeah, I'm not that cool with

Yeah, I'm not that cool with having any yahoo that pays 150 bucks for a 4 hour class out on the streets outside of their personal property avenging crimes, petty or large, and trusting them with split-second decisions about legal matters.

And we've got youtube videos of heroes being shared across state lines and what's ok in that state may not be ok in yours.

Remember kids, forcible felony is not necessarily justification for use of deadly force under Tennessee law unless you are a cop. Shooting a fleeing robber in the ass is fair game for anyone in Florida. Carry on.

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My new favorite:

My new favorite:

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I just saved that image.

And I intend to deploy it widely.

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That was no would-be massacre, but could have turned into one

One possible problem with the particular video above is that it claims to show how to stop a massacre, then it goes on to show a foiled robbery. It doesn't sound like there would have been a massacre at all or, as far as we know, any injuries at all if it was indeed an attempted robbery. Weren't these perps charged with armed robbery and not multiple attempted murders, as they would have been if attempting a massacre?

Robbers use guns to threaten violence in order to get what they really want, usually money or other valuables. By definition they have no need to actually fire their guns, let alone murder anyone in cold blood, unless something doesn't go according to plan. One way that it doesn't is when yazoo vigilantes like this heat-packing grandpa steps in with his 4 hour class of expertise and indeed foils the robbery, but it's a tossup as to whether the perps are nabbed without violence, as it did here, or it turns deadly for the innocent who are present.

Are there Youtube videos showing botched robberies that turn deadly for innocents and is the ratio of good-to-bad outcome videos accurate to real statistics?

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Five Rounds

Five rounds and he didn't bring down either perp from less than twenty feet?

I'm confused. How is a gun battle between incompetants a deterent to real bad guys?

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