Feb 14 2009
07:39 am

Has anyone else noticed the dramatic and abrupt change in our national debate?

Instead of Democrats protesting billions for the ill-advised and possibly illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq that killed thousands upon thousands of people and ruined America’s reputation around the world while lining the pockets of assorted White House cronies and deregulated crooks and liars who were bankrupting our economy, Republicans are now running around with their hair on fire freaking out about federal spending on jobs, health care, education, infrastructure, technology, energy independence, health insurance for disadvantaged children, and keeping people in their homes.

Maybe it’s just me, but the latter seems more like the debate we should be having.

And President Obama has only been in office for 25 days.

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A caricature of a political party

The GOP will continue as a laughingstock and embarrassment to the country as long as they look at every issue as a Schiavo opportunity.

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My View

In my view the conversation, outside what the new leadership can influence, is about how our once profligate spenders, constitution violators, and supine media, have suddenly become fiscal conservatives, upholders of the rule of law, and the watchdogs of government. Quite a dramatic turn around in a very short time. Kinda like one of those silly "makeovers" that pass for TV entertainment these days.

But what do I know?

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

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Pay no attention to their actions of the last 8 years

The party of bedrock values and conservatism unswayable by mood, whim, fashionable trends, or "focus groups" has been smoking crack for the last eight years, but they're back to their old reliable selves now! Think Reagan's budgets. That is, imagine them as if the GOP was ever frugal.

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Yes, I have noticed. Instead

Yes, I have noticed. Instead of "drill baby drill" it is about moving beyond dependence on foreign oil. It is about responsibility for self, family and neighbors. It is about it won't be easy but it can be done IF we work together.

PS - Don't miss Weekly Address - (link...)

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What thing that hasn't

One thing that hasn't changed for the most part is the complete domination of major news media with Republican talking heads and Congress critters. It's like the election and the total collapse and disgrace of their ideological world view didn't happen at all. I can't figure out why most of these guys aren't in jail instead of yapping on my TV screen.

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Shorter GOP:

Shorter GOP: "Any dollar not spent to fatten the wallets of GOP corporate cronies is a waste."


Dirty deeds done dirt cheap! Special holidays, Sundays and rates!

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