Nov 5 2012
07:50 am

Romney voters explain their support:

R. Neal's picture

"Obama is a Muslim and an

"Obama is a Muslim and an atheist."

Min's picture

I have often wondered...

...why peoples' heads don't explode from cognitive dissonance.

Somebody's picture

There's no dissonance if you

There's no dissonance if you don't know what the terms mean.

WhitesCreek's picture

Romney will lead the

Romney will lead the plantation owners in bringing this country together and restoring our freedoms.

I still think restoring the Fairness Doctrine is the most important single step we could take.

Factchecker's picture

Great singing

That "Meatpack" guy should start a singing career! What a voice!

I'm surprised none of them turned on the interviewer. I guess the desire to be on teevee was a stronger pull. Today, a RR rally. Tomorrow, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

R. Neal's picture

I was surprised the

I was surprised the interviewer was able to keep a straight face.

Rachel's picture

That made my stomach hurt.

That made my stomach hurt.

F-Stop's picture

No words.

No words.

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