Nov 21 2017
11:23 pm

What is the story behind the large grid of solar panels that are at John Tarleton Home?

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Michael Grider from Mayor

Michael Grider from Mayor Burchett's office sent this response:

"...saw someone posted a question about solar panels at Tarleton Park on blog. That’s part of County project with Ameresco. We announced it back in 2015. Initially, the plan was to put the array on the Juvenile Justice Center property, but that didn’t work out (not sure why), so John Tarleton became the location for the installation. Here’s the release from back in 2015:"


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Are there solar panels at the

Are there solar panels at the other listed locations?

The locations of the solar arrays include: AL Lotts Elementary School, Amherst Elementary School, Bearden Middle School, Central High School, Hardin Valley Academy, Karns High School, L&N STEM Academy, Powell Middle School, South Doyle Middle School, West High School, West Valley Middle School, the Detention Center, Juvenile Justice Facility, and the Knox County Central Building.

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