Jun 6 2011
06:22 am

So, I woke up this morning to find this article in my inbox, a friend from the other side of the pond passed it on to me.

We have this high-speed rail line that is nearby an ancient forest. To protect the trees, a tunnel was built over the line, and on top of the tunnel are 16,000 solar panels, spanning about 2 miles.

"For train operators, it is the perfect way to cut their carbon footprints because you can use spaces that have no other economic value and the projects can be delivered within a year because they don't attract the protests that wind power does," said Bart Van Renterghem, UK head of Belgian renewable energy company Enfinity, which installed the panels.

I thought this was a pretty cool way to use some space that otherwise wouldn't be used.

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The solar train thread

The solar train thread reminded me of this earlier post. Some innovative uses of solar energy.

Solar powered Smart Roads

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A friend is vacationing in

A friend is vacationing in Lynton and Lynmouth this summer and he sent me a note about this water powered 'commuter train' between the two villages on the Devon Coast of England.

By filling a tank on one car, the weight propels the car down the grade while pulling the other up the cliff.

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