Feb 7 2018
08:17 am

There has been some construction work off of Alcoa Highway near what was once Power Park, near Maloney Road. Knox County purchased a lot of land from Sevier Heights Baptist Church near this area, which also connects to Maryville Pike. Every time I drove by it I was thinking, oh a new park or a different entrance to IC King Park. Although, accessing anything off of Alcoa Highway in this area can be a little dangerous, even though the speed limit is currently 40 mph. (Heh.) I digress.


The new construction is for yet another storage facility. You know, one of those places used to store all that stuff we no longer need but still want, maybe. There is already a storage facility just a mile down the road, next to Court South. The half-mile stretch of Aloca Highway near this new facility actually looks pretty good, right now. On the opposite side, west, is one of the UT farms, very pretty. On the side of the new storage facility (east) is the Power Equipment Company, which has been there forever (50-60 years or more), a very large church, and a cute little office building (looks like a house) for a local construction company.

Wonder what this storage facility will look like. Wonder if there will be some requirements to fit in with the existing buildings. I doubt landscaping could be used to hide the storage buildings since they are building fairly close to Dozer Lane, the frontage road along Alcoa Highway. Lucky for the property owner, the land appears to back up to waterfront, Flenniken Branch.

Oh, well. c'est la vie.


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